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Alan Leland Visit

Alan Leland visits the Chesapeake Woodturners

Alan Leland, a professional Woodturner from North Carolina was our featured demonstrator for the month of September 2012. Alan also taught a one day workshop. Both the demonstration and the workshop focused on making a beautiful table lamp.

Alan first went through the steps to put together a lamination with an hollow core that will be used for passing the wire for the lamp. He then gave us a number of pointers on using each of our spindle gouges and various other tools such as a "three point tool" to help us get our beads and coves looking somewhat like beads and coves. He then went over creating a storyboard for the base of our lamp and the vertical piece as well.

It was a great class and an excellent demo. And I'm sure over the coming months will see some beautiful examples of both solid and laminated lamps.