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Allen Alexopulos Demonstration December 20, 2014

posted Dec 3, 2014, 5:54 PM by Kent Riggins
The demonstration will focus on the transformation of a Banksia pod into a stylized amphora-shaped and naturally-pierced hollow form. The piece will include a natural wood collar/rim and pedestal. Ceramic amphorae of antiquity were often used to store wine and food and have been produced for thousands of years. They often had long necks, two handles and a pointed foot. We will abstract the shape a bit to simplify the design and make it easier to develop a nicely turned piece without the need for an extensive set of hollowing tools.

The humble pod of the Banksia grandis tree has been turned into a wide variety of interesting shapes including tea candle holders, tea pots, Christmas tree ornaments, vases, goblets, coasters and bowls. Of the more than 75 Banksia species the Banksia grandis tree produces the most turnable pods. This species, also known as the Bull or Giant Banksia is native to a relatively small area of south Western Australia.