Chesapeake Woodturners

2022 August Turnout

March 2023 Meeting

Chesapeake Woodturners,

This month's meeting will be held at Maryland Hall on Saturday, March 18th, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm in the woodturning room (119). 

Our normal business meeting will be followed by “Show & Tell” and a demonstration by our very own George French on “Making an Open Segmented Turning". He will reprise his December 2018 demonstration and bring new samples and finished pieces. If you have time beforehand, be sure to review the 8-page article George wrote for the January 2019 issue of The Final Cut (attached).

Last month, at least six of you attended our club's first attempt at a hybrid meeting via Zoom. It didn’t go well because Maryland Hall’s WiFi signal kept dropping out. This month, we hope to go hybrid via Ethernet. Chuck Engstrom is working with Maryland Hall to see if we can run an extension cable from the Ethernet connection in room 117B on the opposite side of the elevator from the woodturning room. If you can’t attend this month’s meeting in person, be sure to stay tuned for more information about this month's “hybrid” effort.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to report that Maryland Hall’s plastic folding chairs are a big improvement over the metal ones we used in the past!

Hope to see you on the 18th,

Sue Canfield
VP/Program Director

Chesapeake Woodturners Demonstrations