Beads of Courage

The Beads of Courage program teams up with doctors and nurses to help children with long term illness. As kids go through their journey, they receive beads to commemorate their bravery in facing their operations and treatments.

More information and directions can be found on the Beads of Courage Website.

The kids need somewhere to keep their memory beads and that's where we can help. Turn a bowl or box with a loose lid.

The Beads of Courage Program is a few years old for the Chesapeake Woodturners. The program started with the American Association of Woodturners requesting it's members and supporting clubs to make and donate small wood turned boxes ( bowls with loose fitting lids ) for children undergoing serious medical treatments at hospitals around the United States.

Instructions for wood turners can be found on there site a this Link. The instructions are easy to follow. The club president has beads available to members as needed. The bead can be installed in the cover or knob by drilling a 3/4 hole about 1/4 in deep or may be affixed by the through hole in the bead.Completed boxes can be turned in to Tim or myself at any meeting.

Club member, Ron Ford has a direct contact with Johns Hopkins Children's Cancer Center. By choosing to donate locally you are insured the bowl going to a local hospital not a random facility somewhere unknown.The American Association of Woodturners collect completed boxes at their yearly symposium.