Dennis Belcher Demo

Multi Axis Disk Vase

On Saturday April 17th, 2021, Dennis Belcher will present "Turning Multi Axis Disk Vase"

From Sea Breeze Woodworking - Home (

​There are several key themes woven into the presentation.

  • Woodturning is a journey, not just making a thing.

  • The journey starts with a simple horizontal disc then progresses to a vertical disc that becomes a canvas for a multitude of coloring, texturing, and carving techniques.

  • Breaking the pattern of jumping from one form to the next. Doing them all, but not mastering any of them.

  • The importance of working out the sequence of operations before you start.

  • And oh yes, the bulk of the time is spent actually making a functional multi-axis, vertical flower disc.

With the disc completed, I walk the audience through a variety of textures, coloring techniques, and carvings that can be used to embellish the basic form. The use of water-based dye will be shown. The demonstration can vary in length from 1-1/2 to 3 hours depending upon how many embellishment techniques discussed.

The business meeting will start at 9am with the Zoom doors opening at about 8:30am. Demonstration will start at 10 am.

We request a $10 donation for this demonstration which you can pay through the PayPal link below.