Joe Ruminski - Resources - October 2014

Material suppliers that I use for The Gift Turning Studio

I am sure there are many others that are good and carry good products. If there are local stores to your area, please use them to keep them in business. You don’t know what you have until it is gone.

Materials list

CA glue: CPH International,

I have kept this glue in the freezer for over two years with no problem. If you want medium

CA that is equal to what you normally get from other companies order Medium thick.

I also use stick fast CA

Turning Tools: Packard Woodworks, Craft Supply, Wood Craft, Klingspore (The Woodworking

Store). There are many good tools out there. This is usually one case where you get what you pay for. Good tools: last longer, stay sharper and cut better

Grinding Wheels: I have just started using the CBN Grinding Wheel for sharpening. I use the

180 grit for sharpening and my old stone wheel for reshaping. When the old wheel wears out

I will go to the course CBN wheel. Source:, Packards Woodworks, and others

Sand paper: Packard Woodworks, Klingspore, (The Woodworking Store) Premier abrasives. The

Sanding Glove

Paint for the ornaments: Automotive metallic paint is carried by most auto parts shops. I use

either gold or silver for the undercoat and red, blue or green as a color coat. Then I finish

with either Deft lacquer or Clear Coat.

Air Brush: Grex TS from David Nittmann: I really like the pistol grip.I also have a Pasch that I am pleased with.

Paint for Art pieces: Liquitex or Golden Heavy body paint. These come in many colors and have

different transparencies which are good for layering. Stores: AC Moore, Michaels, most art

stores. These are not airbrush paints.

Deft lacquer paint: Lowes or Wal-Mart. Note: I am no longer using this product. It is hard to find, water spots and I have gone to a catalyzed lacquer or catalyzed varnish, more information from the demo so you can find a local dealer. Using catalyzed lacquer requires a highly vented area and a chemical filter mask.

Small eyelets for ornaments:

These are eyelets used for fishing lures. You may have to buy a new drill bit. The shaft is very

small. Another option is to add a little glue to the hole. Get a few people together and buy

eyelets in bulk.

High speed steel for tools comes from ENCO:

Nylon for making chuck jaws. ENCO Order the 1 inch thick 12x12 block. You will have enough

to make several jaw sets for very little cost. These are great for special projects. Leave no

markings on project unless you really tighten them up.

Liberon 0000 Steel Wool and Finishing oil: This steel wool is the finest finishing steel wool I

have ever seen. It is available in many woodworking stores. If you do a web search for

Liberon you will be able to find a place close to you.

Mineral Oil: This is the only finish I use on utilitarian bowl. I buy it at my local drug store. There

are many finishes used on Salad bowls. This is just the one I prefer. If you want a little thicker

finish, melt paraffin into the oil. Weigh out two ounces of paraffin and melt in a

double boiler or the microwave and add to a quart of mineral oil. If you add much more

than that the oil will become to thick.

Coloring dyes: I have used the trans tint dyes and they fade very badly after a couple of years

and even faster if the pieces are kept in the sun light. I have been using Color Tone from (Stewart-MacDonald) and am very pleased with the results. They are a

little more costly but go further and last longer.

I also use leather dye for dark rich color.

Hint: If you want a color all through the wood you can vacuumed it into the wood.

Highly figured wood: I get cut off scraps of wood from Wayne Dunlap at

www.dunlapwoodcrafts,com or you can call him: Phone 703-631-57147. His address is

14600F Flint Lee Rd., Chantilly, VA 20151. The last bunch of curly maple I got was 2 3/8”

thick and anywhere from 2”-6” wide. Call to see what he has. It is cut-offs, so not very big,

but the price is great for the wood. If I sell 25 ornaments, I pay for the whole pallet. Another

case for several ordering together to split a pallet.

Pendant Mandrel: SS Niles Bottle Stoppers

Woodburning/Carving Supplies: Wood Carvers Supply, Inc.

Aluminum #2 Morse Taper drive spurs for the bird house. You need two. One is

7/8” in diameter and the other is 1”. Contact Robert Lucine. or 828-627-9537

Necklace; sterling silver plated; These come in different sizes; 16 inches for children, 18, 20, 22 inches for adults. They do not list the sizes on the order form but there is a note box to list what sizes you want. They do take 3 to 4 weeks to ship. The cost is usually less than a dollar each and I think the order must be at least for 10 or more.

They also sell the black velvet type necklace one size fits all. I think they are about 35 cents each again group orders have to be made.


Search for plated sterling silver necklaces

Find the one you like there will be a lot to choose from

In the note or comment box let them know what sizes you want.

For the bails do the same process.

Search for plated sterling silver pinch bails.

And so on.

Other metals are also available.

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