Chuck Engstrom, sanding simplified. October 2016

Sanding Resources originator of the Sanding Glove, full line of abrasives and devices for sanding, oriented toward turners. Located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, mom & pop business, great service. Pneumatics, Metabo, etc more industrial, with belts, etc. Located Gaithersburg pretty well-known vendor of sanding supplies oriented toward turners, with turning tools as well. Wide variety of stuff. Ontario, Canada. I think they make the discs that Mike Sorge showed us a couple months ago. a familiar name to all of us. They have a store up in New Castle, DE for tax-free shopping. Extensive store inventory, more stuff online. website says "The most sanding power for your money since 1893." Craft Supplies USA, another familiar name. located Georgia, was at Lancaster. New item called "Sanding Taco" holds a 5" disc folded around it, looks useful, only $3.95 also well-known, plenty sanding/finishing supplies article on making your own has a number of videos about sanding turnings.

http://fredwilliamson.comlPages-Methods/Sanding-Tips.html worthwhile info from a large-bowl turner. Current model Makita is GV5010, $99 Home Depot. A serious, thoughtful website throughout - check it out.