Our website taking a new turn


Welcome to the redesigned website.

We will be reorganizing all of the information we had on the previous version of the site and will be adding many new features.

And here is how you can help.

    1. Tell me about something you wish we always had on the website.

    2. Contribute an article to post on the website.

      1. How to do something your good at.

      2. How to do something you just learned to do.

      3. Got some new toy you really like, Give us a review.

      4. Buy something you now regret.... give us the review. (I know I hate wasting money...)

      5. Attend a class, meeting, conference that impressed you, let us know.

      6. Proud of some woodturning you just finished.... show it off.

    3. Been to another club's site and they have a feature you think we should 'borrow'? Send me a link and explain what you liked about that feature.

    4. Found something on the web. We can add a link to on our website to let everyone else in on the discovery.

I can take you input in just about any form that you are willing to send me. I can covert just about any document type for viewing on the web. If you want to make it all pretty and stuff first use a web/Html editor or Microsoft Word and I will try to be true to your form. Only want to use your email editor or notepad, no problem, I will try to make your words pretty.

I prefer pictures in their original form. I will do the conversions necessary for them to look good on the web. If you include pictures in a MS Word document can you send the originals along too? It will help.

The only real rule is to not plagiarize other peoples work. Derivative works in your own words from you own shop are fine.

Send your contributions and ideas to Webmaster@ChesapeakeWoodturners.com