Meeting Reminder - November

Post date: Nov 14, 2014 3:01:17 AM

Hi Everyone,

This is your monthly reminder that our meeting will take place this coming Saturday, November 15th starting at 9:15am at Maryland Hall in Annapolis. This month's guest is nationally known woodturner Mark Gardner. You can check out his website at There will be a $20 charge for the meeting. Mark will be demonstrating, time permitting, turning hollow forms without the hollowing, a variety of surface embellishments for your turnings, and turning a square bowl using three different axis. The details from Mark are below.

1. Turn hollow forms without the hollowing. Cut it in half.

Hollow forms turned through a small opening were always a challenge for me to turn. In this demo I'll show how I make hollow forms, using green wood, much like you make lidded boxes only I'll glue the lid back on. Not only is there less risk of turning through the side of your vessel but it is also easier to gauge the wall thickness as well as remove the shavings from the inside. I'll focus on techniques for making a precise joint to help insure that the piece stays together as it dries. Time will be spent demonstrating various ways to then hide the seam in your vessel. This vessel will also have handles.

2. Surface embellishment for your turnings.

I will demonstrate all the various techniques and methods I use for embellishing my work. I’ll start by showing how I layout geometric patterns on my turned vessels. Some of the techniques I’ll cover include, carving with hand and power tools, engraving, and even some textures done on the lathe. I’ll show how I use milk paints and dyes to enhance the carved patterns and lastly how I sharpen my carving tools using a simple homemade MDF strop.

3. Turn a square bowl using three different axis.

In this demo I will illustrate my own take on the idea of a square bowl. Not only will I use three different axis to turn this bowl but I will also hold the bowl on the lathe using 2x4s, masking tape, hot glue and drywall screws. This demo will help to illustrate my approach to turning and the use of the lathe as a tool for shaping wood, not just for making it round.

See you Saturday.

Doug Bartos

President, Chesapeake Woodturners