Please Read - No March 2020 Meeting

Post date: Mar 12, 2020 12:28:07 PM


It is the unanimous opinion of club officers, along with those who volunteered to make presentations, that the March meeting of the Chesapeake Woodturners should be cancelled. The reason, of course, is the currently unknowable risk of spreading the corona virus among club members. We all recognize that we are, as a group, a vulnerable population. And the crowded physical space of the woodturning room at Maryland Hall would mean the inevitable spread of viral infection if anyone present is unknowingly infected. Hopefully, the overall risks will be better understood before too long. And that this will permit more informed decision making regarding future meetings.

At the moment, we feel that the set up of the Montpelier Mansion show on March 15th should go forward as planned. And that we will have a reception and award ceremony on Sunday, March 29th -- as planned. The physical spaces at the Mansion permit greater freedom of movement and less risk of close personal contact for those who are concerned.

Anyone who remains wary of public gatherings should not feel any obligation to come to club functions. And, as a matter of common sense and respect for fellow club members, anyone who feels ill or who has reason to believe that they may been exposed to the virus should not attend any gatherings until after a 14 day interval has passed.

The only thing that was planned for our March meeting that cannot be postponed is the collection of donated bowls for the Project Echo Empty Bowl Supper. Early next week I will put a box in the woodturning room at Maryland Hall labelled Empty Bowl Supper into which you can place your donations at your convenience. I’ll leave the box there through the weekend of March 21-22. We will then work out a way to deliver what’s been donated.

Look for the March issue of The Final Cut which will come out later in the month. I hope to see many of you at the Montpelier Mansion Show Reception on the 29th.