Steve Haddix demo at this weeks meeting

Post date: Dec 5, 2017 2:33:47 AM

We will meet 9 AM, Saturday, December 16, in the Woodturning Room at Md Hall. The meeting will begin with a short business report, and show and tell.

This months guest, Steve Haddix will give a detailed demonstration of the effective use of texturing tools for spirals, knurled and other surface textures, including the use of color.

Ever finish a bowl that ended up technically sound but artistically dull? Even a nicely shaped bowl made from dull wood may leave your audience flat and uninterested. Our demonstrator in December, Steve Haddix, is going to show a variety of fun, artistic ways that you can embellish your work both on and off the lathe. Often the beauty of working with plain woods like this is that they aren’t spectacular on their own, so you can have fun experimenting freely with your artistic side knowing there is little at stake.

The techniques that Steve will show do not require you to be a natural artist, but they can help you turn bowls made from plain woods into conversation pieces. In addition to discussing embellishment options, Steve will give a detailed demonstration of the effective use of the Sorby texturing tools for spirals, knurled surfaces other surface textures. While there is no limit to what you can do artistically, there is a limit to what we can demonstrate in a single meeting, so Steve will discuss options for introducing color into your work, but the demonstration of those techniques will be limited. Coloring topics to be reviewed include spirit stains, milk paints, the application of colored epoxies, fillers and tinted artist waxes.

Members and guests are welcome, there is no charge for the meeting.